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About Us

To be crystal clear, be honest, be supportive while being creative and skin safe beauty brand; this is how we evolved as a company. Crafted with care and honest ingredients, we focused on growing together with knowledge and skills from Science, Nature and Customers keeping in mind. Going beyond the philosophy of fastest growing company, we thought to arise as a brand that truly respects the opinions, needs and skin history of their people.

Absorbed Thoughts

Until the makeup age, cosmetics were only utilized for the purpose to enhance the look- to beautify the look. What if we say, we are living in a century of skincare products but with high chemicals? It sounds ubiquitous! Is it? Yes, It is True. For the reason we survive in the place where the only principle is to look Good. But what if we question about its ingredients? Its Contents? Chemicals inside beauty products? Now, we are in unanswered situation. Hahah! So, here comes our role- to escape of thousands of thoughts before trusting any beauty products especially for sensitive skin.

With an in-depth research for ingredients, we wanted to stand straight and firm to our objective of bringing products that that truly helps skin nourishment and that it is skin safe.

Our Evolution

With zillions of cosmetic products in market, offering on makeups with different packages and change in minor features than its competitors, we found ourselves to be creative and offer products that fulfil our objective that is skin safe products with affordable rates and good service that not only offers customers to buy products but consults how to make the best use of it and that actually suits their skin and personality. As we at Nehbelle Cosmetics have constantly believed all humans are different and they should be treated differently and copying of some others style or look will never let out bringing true personality of one. We try our best to consult and guide in choosing of products that are best suitable and can play a role of add on to their existing personality either in corporate or personal life. Makeups has always been the part of women and girl’s life, but we believe copying someone's style or personality will never bring out the true yourself, instead finding and identifying the true within is necessary.

Not only the personal consultation, but we try to bring in the best while it comes to satisfy and guide our customers, our creative team are constant in search of how better we develop articles and materials to provide an comfort to understand product details in depth and help to choose the best of colors and product types that suits their needs. We usually bring in new concepts of materials every 2 months giving a new experience for returning customers and also building situational factors that helps to identify that the products are created especially for them. New Customers are firstly made comfortable with ample of information, and then we try to build personal relations with them so that they are better in position to talk with us friendly and share their every minor concern that is stopping them to buy products or solve every query in selection of products.

Products & Research

Nehbelle has constantly focussed on enriching, market driven company and has tried to launch their products that reflects customer needs in trends and traditional along with representing the best adoptable customer’s problems in cosmetics. It is basically merger of contents with traditional benefits evolving healthy lifestyle and standing on stage as trend believer.

Reliance on its quality and service by audiences, the company is being observed to launch all of its product with the market research from its skilled manpower and regular consultation from its beauty experts.

We consistently were thoughtful to come up with an innovative product and not just enter into a copy paste cosmetic company. After spending 8 months of valued research through consultation from Retailers, wholesalers, distributor, manufacturer, cosmetologist, beauty products trader, college teenagers (beauty lovers), psychologist and professors from marketing, operations, service management and human resource. 


Constantly working and growing ourselves it unthoughtful became our dream to provide millions of consumers with implicit service, unlimited choice, outstanding value proposition, superior quality and unmatched experience across the full spectrum of products and services.