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Welcome to the Reception of NBs Affiliate Program

Are you looking to pursue something Offbeat? We believe that in everyday life, every individual discretely turns out to be influencer for many and is a mentor and idol for the multitude. If you think you are Extrovert, Social, Influencer, Idol, Mentor, Blogger, VBlogger or MUA; you have happen to approach right place. Spreading words feel even sweeter when you help Cruelty-free, Vegan and SkinSafe products! Goodness adds when it is Hypoallergenic too.

We're extremely excited that Nehbelle Cosmetics is partnering with BELLEBASSADOR. Bridging the gap between influencer and brand, we have come up with the platform whereby you can feel motivated to spread Nehbelle words to your friends and followers and it in turn gives you rewarding benefits.

We're excited to meet creative, engaging and outgoing people that would love to be part of Nehbelle Cosmetics BELLEBASSADOR Community!

Discover Assets We Share

As a Nehbelle Affiliate partner, you will be motivated to be more of Real You, Grow your personality, Inspire your friends and followers to be the same.

What Will You Have to Do

You will take part in completing fun and engaging 'missions' that we've custom designed for our BELLEBASSADORS.

What Will You Grab

In exchange for your dedicated work, we'll be giving out lots of rewards in form of commissions on sales, gift cards, coupons, discounts and even free products!

For Now?


Sign up for an account, complete your profile, fill in form by clicking on 'Join Now' Button and wait for approval. If you think you deserve more, you are a popular and recognized influencer, mail us your profile with other descriptions and our team will get in touch to discuss how you can benefit more.

Spread the Word:

Tell your friends, colleagues, family and facebook/instagram followers about all the awesome products you loved and pages you like on Nehbelle Official

Enjoy Earnings:

  • 1. Share your personalized links with followers & friends.
  • 2. Play banners & images on your portal & page by downloading free banners from here.

Our Program!

PAY PER SALE - commission : 10.0000
PAY PER LEAD - commission for each completed order : 5.0000%