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What causes extreme mood shifts in Women?

Mood swings are characterized by a drastic change in emotion from one side of the spectrum to the other.

For example, if at one moment you are freely going about your day, and the next moment you’re suddenly upset, irritated or hostile – then you may suffer from mood swings.

Mood swings affect both men and women, and can even lead to disruptions in relationships, careers and even physical health.

What Causes Mood Swings?
Mood swings can be caused by a host of varying factors.

For example, spending too much time at work and being away from your family for extended periods of time, can lead to mood swings.

A lack of sleep, eating an unhealthy diet and excessive use of drugs and alcohol can also cause drastic changes in your emotions.

However, when the underlying cause is addressed, mood swings usually dissipate.

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Does Listening to Music improves your Appearance?

Music is powerful. It can affect mood in profound ways. You might be sulking one moment then instantly perk up when your favorite tune comes on. On the other hand, you might find yourself feeling sad as the first chords of an Adele song hit your ears. Music can make you happy and energized, or calm and reflective.

But guess what?
There’s even evidence that music can greatly impact your health.
But how does music improve your appearance?

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Is Smiling good for your Skin?

When we’re feeling good and we’re happy and contented, we produce endorphins, those happy hormones. Those signals from the brain, activate our smile muscles.
This then, sends the “I’m happy” signal back to the brain …reinforcing those happy feelings and producing even more endorphins, in a positive feedback loop.
Which makes us feel even better!

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The Starring Sun or Skincare Hacks in Winter

We’re used to hearing about how too much of the sun’s warm rays can be harmful to your skin. But did you know the right balance can have lots of mood-lifting benefits? Sunlight and darkness trigger the release of hormones in your brain. Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. At night, darker lighting triggers the brain to make another hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for helping you sleep.

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Feminism- Growing waves for Family or  criticism by Society

To the times, when we consider men are meant to earn and women to manage houses. But, to adapt the environment and thoughts wherein both are meant to earn and manage houses-think-that goes much easy for a family who is now more potential to grow financially and socially as a responsible individuals wherein we share the load of being equally responsible to earn RESPECT in the society. And that's how we believe we welcome more possibilities of growing fast not just economically but also with more knowledge and help to all at the family. The load of earning is not just supposed to be meant for men only- it simply means you have to earn and fulfill the expectations and dreams of your children, parents and partner.

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Skin-Care or Glowing Care? Do you Care?

We all grow up each day wondering for glowing skin. Dreaming for flawless, smooth, fresh and glowing skin grabs us eyeing on plenty tips and routine. But, with new products constantly hitting the pockets and endless skincare advices from paid influencers diverts us from true methods. Though it's never been easy and go to mobile method for everyone right there; but, we can definitely figure out the skincare routine that goes best and easy. As discussed on earlier article, we did covered the basics of skincare but there's plenty in between. Luckily, something as such that we can follow it easily.

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