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Enabling Humanity through feel of Care

On the heights of nowadays trending topic of Humanity, let us today grab the attention on how the meaning of humanity is changing day by day. It was times when helping others used to be pride for a person, and that when showing humanity towards others use to make the opposite person highly acceptable in society and known one amongst respectable person in community.

With days growing and bringing on loads of modernization, hunger of being knowledgeable, earn money and prestige, luxury of life; we somehow left behind the true happiness in showing our humanity. Wherein society we talk about freedom, growth and education; we forgot about our old culture of being human first. Let’s on forget how we got freedom- through support of many who taught you thousand times the same thing not considering you as an idiot but you who can grow high with the knowledge and experience.

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Intention to Build Self-Esteem Each Day

When you are working to build your self-esteem, try setting one intention at a time. Sometimes when we are trying to change things that make us unhappy, we do really well at making a list of grievances but find it difficult to begin the work. We may become stuck feeling negative because of the number of things we wish were different. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, set one intention each day that will help you build self-esteem.

There is a simple beauty in choosing one intention per day that will help you get started on your journey. It relieves you of the anxiety of worrying about choosing the "right" place for you to start. The phrase "analysis paralysis" refers to the problem of never starting because we are overthinking. I spent years paralyzed, trying to create the perfect plan to help me attain the perfect life. Letting go of the need to be perfect and realizing the value of baby steps allowed me to finally make progress.

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Positivity is Glucose

I always used to admire what is it that makes an individual keep calm in all situations. Especially those who are successful leaders in Industry. But, I slowly came to know it is their thoughts, that keeps them calm and patiently deal with all bad situations & circumstances.

Now, what is it that is going in their mind? How do they deal exactly? What are their considerations in mind while handling such circumstances?

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Attune to the New Normal

As we all know, in many parts of the country, rates of COVID-19 continue to be a growing concern. While many of us has now accepted the truth and finding various ways to cope with loneliness and no work at home. We nowadays hear people are finding creative ways to develop themselves and this pandemic time has led to many creatives. Most of us may be still in guidelines of social distancing and staying at home, we have learned to find methods to networking and keeping ourselves engaged with contacting people and relatives and friends and build our relationship. These has provided opportunities to way beyond to build strong relation with family, friends, colleagues and businesses. No matter how we are learning to cope with this situation, planning for re-entry to normal life is going to be mental challenge.

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Paleo diet

Although Paleo diet is been considered mainstream through few years, it is known to very few how it revolutionized and showed its popularity. It actually started with an obscure treatment for Crohn’s disease, now making it healthy lifestyle food for this planet. While its being popular, many people are unsure what eating Paleo actually means to be. Today, we would actually highlight all the possible elements of Paleo diet, considering all time in this blog category that healthy diet with lifestyle eating and tasty foods is deserved to all here.

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Mood Swings

It’s not at all unknown that each individual possess mood swings and they follow Newton’s law of motion. There is equal or almost proportionate reaction to what we react to opposite person, dependably on the current mood they posses at that particular point of time. With this understanding it is obvious to all that they wanna have good mood each time but that doesn’t contribute to us each time as there are various factors which correspondingly affects our behaviour.

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