As we all know, in many parts of the country, rates of COVID-19 continue to be a growing concern. While many of us has now accepted the truth and finding various ways to cope with loneliness and no work at home. We nowadays hear people are finding creative ways to develop themselves and this pandemic time has led to many creatives. Most of us may be still in guidelines of social distancing and staying at home, we have learned to find methods to networking and keeping ourselves engaged with contacting people and relatives and friends and build our relationship. These has provided opportunities to way beyond to build strong relation with family, friends, colleagues and businesses. No matter how we are learning to cope with this situation, planning for re-entry to normal life is going to be mental challenge.


With prior planning, we can prepare ourselves as wearing mask each time we are out of our shelter, I mean our House; and a routine to keep ourself always with mask as like we used to carry Helmets before Lockdown. We can take these in numerous positive ways; firstly it will protect us from air pollution, secondly will protect our skin from bacteria and other skin disaster effects, thirdly not spoiling our makeup…heheh……… and lastly from COVID-19. That’s how we can be positive to any situations that is compulsion and we can mentally prepare ourself finding ways of positive reasons behind anything that we are now bound to do. Now coming to the use of sanitizers. We can imagine everyone stocking sanitizers and buying it in bulk. There’s one more to our daily necessity list while we are shopping Groceries and other daily routines products. Now we are sure to get a popup from Mom and Wife, “Have you carried Sanitizer with you? ” while we are going for work or probably children to school. And you will be forced to carry sanitizer in you r pocket. Isn’t it? Yes! This is definitely going to be our routine from now.

So, what is it into preparing our minds here? That is the thoughts we have to inculcate in us, that they care for us and so advise us to do all those that is necessary to stay safe. We should not be irritated and scold or shout on them, rather think how they care for us. We totally agree it can be grow our anxiety level when we are reminded of same things many times, but to ignore it is the only solution. Instead, if these continues, we can act differently, “Haah Mom/Wifee, I have taken things and you too be safe” Now this can bring a drastic change on their behaviour if you follow this new routine for few days. There are few small mind therapies that helps us to be out of anxiety, stress and anger. Once followed on regular basis, it grows with more and more power to react to situations positively.


Taking to the new routine, while since long months we had made a routine to connect with our Office Colleagues through Concalls/ Video Calls, Mails and other message sharing medias. Now we have to again get back to old routine but with a sense of social distance and be safe every new minute. We will have to prepare our self-protocols how we will stay safe and maintain social distance along with emotions coming close.


Evaluating our behaviours post pandemic can be uncertain. But we can have a small mental preparation for the same. In a pandemic, we are completely connected, and consequently the dangers and prizes related with our decisions influence ourselves as well as each other. In any case, it can likewise be critical to perceive that people gauge factors diversely when choosing whether activities are good and satisfactory. What may appear to be good and adequate to one individual may not appear to be so to another person. On the off chance that it's a companion or family part settling on decisions that don't line up with your own, it tends to be helpful to examine straightforwardly what is driving the distinctions in how decisions are being reached. Once in a while, it can mirror a distinction in how close and far-term dangers and prizes are being balanced. Different occasions, it can mirror a distinction by the way we think about goals and results. When we judge the decisions others make, we can concentrate basically on the purpose (Did somebody mean to do hurt or to help?) or on the result (Did somebody really damage or help someone else?).


In spite of the fact that we will be unable to change the behaviours of everyone around us, we can focus on ways that we as people have just helped society in reintegrating safely. We can focus on those moments when we have encountered effective social distancing in public. Contemplating approaches to reproduce these encounters may permit us to pick up certainty, a sense of control, and all the while lessen our worries about effective re-emergence.


As we experience the "new normal" it will be stressful for a significant number of us for a while. Be that as it may, as people, we can take steps to improve our own anxieties and safely reappear. To sum up, it might be helpful to do the accompanying over the coming many months: Imagine how you will act in conceivable future situations, separating your activities into smaller steps; consider the silver linings by focusing on the positive encounters you've had during the pandemic and how those might proceed into the future; stay watchful about gauging the close and far-term expenses of your decisions while going into public spaces (or when deciding to maintain a strategic distance from them); and focus on manners by which you by and by can help safe re-emergence, as opposed to the deficiencies of others' behaviours.


We trust this blog is helpful in helping thoughts about safe re-emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic. These are in reality bizarre occasions, however we, as people, have control over the manner in which we react to the numerous parts of cultural change that this pandemic has caused.


"Change is acceptable, when our minds are clear"