On the heights of nowadays trending topic of Humanity, let us today grab the attention on how the meaning of humanity is changing day by day. It was times when helping others used to be pride for a person, and that when showing humanity towards others use to make the opposite person highly acceptable in society and known one amongst respectable person in community.


With days growing and bringing on loads of modernization, hunger of being knowledgeable, earn money and prestige, luxury of life; we somehow left behind the true happiness in showing our humanity. Wherein society we talk about freedom, growth and education; we forgot about our old culture of being human first. Let’s on forget how we got freedom- through support of many that still plays a role in our life, growth- for those who supported when no one believed in your dream and capability; and education- who planted a seed of knowledge while we were unaware of things around, one who taught us love and care, one who cleared all basics that would make you capable to understand thigs on your own and one who taught you thousand times the same thing not considering you as an idiot but you who can grow high with the knowledge and experience.


Yes, going on and on, this may go far off, but the morals remain the same. Don’t forget those who were beside you, supported you and was a part of what you are today- maybe directly or indirectly but is a cause for role player in your success.


With increased stress of competition and growing sense of responsibility to earn, we somehow left all those behind who showed their humanity and worked beyond stages. It’s a time to show your love and responsibility who actually supported and contributed towards building true you.


Now understanding How can you do that, in this #BusyLife…...

It’s very simple. Want to learn how? Read Read discern more below guys:

  1. Smile and be open for Help: Many a times, people only require is a smile from their dear ones or more from other human, that gives a flow of positive energy between the two and can put a warm feeling in someone’s heart. This can make their day better and feel better as loved. This might spread as an air sharing a feel of love and care for others.
  2. Let your humanness shine: Despite the temptation to excuse or defend, simply calm up your mind and show a gratitude towards person who somehow did not well behaved with you or had an evil behavior with you. Simply don’t react and let your humanness shine. You can calm up your mind and be positive in reaction thinking, the opposite person has some stress, his thoughts are victims of bad situations/ environment. Listen to the anger, dilute it in the lakes of humanity and observe the magic of how you shine around.
  3. Help someone get active: A person in your life who wants to get healthy might need a helping hand. Offer to go walking or running together, to join a gym together. Once they get started, it can have profound effects. Or in cases, share some book or article reference that may help them get out of the situation mentally and divert thoughts with positive vibes, getting rid of what was actually required.
  4. Show appreciation, publicly: Praising someone on a blog or post, in front of co-workers, in front of family, or in some other public way, is a great way to make them feel better about themselves. This helps brings confidence and an new energy to work more harder. It also expresses a feeling of being loved and appreciated.
  5. Just be there: When someone you know is in need, sometimes it’s just good to be there. Sit with them. Talk. Help out if you can.
  6. Be patient: Sometimes people can have difficulty understanding things, or learning to do something right. Learn to be patient with them.
  7. Lend your ear: Often someone who is sad, depressed, angry, or frustrated just needs someone who will listen. Venting and talking through an issue is a huge help. This is mostly chosen to be the best way to show your humanity and build a feeling of being loved.
  8. Create a care package: Phone call, good text message, motivational message, a tight hug, cup of tea or coffee, reading material, chocolate- anything you think the person might need or enjoy. Good for someone who is sick or otherwise in need of a pick-me-up.
  9. Teach or Guide: Take the time to teach someone a skill you know. This could be teaching your grandma to use email, teaching your child to ride a bike, teaching your co-worker a valuable computer skill, teaching your spouse how to clean the darn toilet. OK, that last one doesn’t count.
  10. Comfort someone in grief: Often a hug, a helpful hand, a kind word, a listening ear, will go a long way when someone has lost a loved one or suffered some similar loss or tragedy.
  11. Love: Simply finding ways to express your love to others, whether it be your partner, child, other family member, friend, co-worker, or a complete stranger … just express your love. A hug, a kind word, spending time, showing little kindnesses, being friendly … it all matters more than you know.
Originally scripted: Mili Rojivadiya, Founder of Nehbelle Cosmetics