Big Congratulations to the people called "feminism"

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions on being independent women. There are few views we need to stop looking at. There's the work she is doing to make her self-satisfied nd and challenge her capabilities each new day. She wanna grow the same as much men dreamt for. There's some of us who are becoming the men, we really wanted to marry. There's time to meet a partner who is on the same page as of ours. We all women want a Companion and all a Bank. A companion who supports us with our dreams, one who dreams we got to grow and in turn with one we spend our life, wherein we constantly change ourselves to be true, loyal and honest partners as next to our abilities.

To the times, when we consider men are meant to earn and women to manage houses. But, to adapt the environment and thoughts wherein both are meant to earn and manage houses-think-that goes much easy for a family who is now more potential to grow financially and socially as a responsible individuals wherein we share the load of being equally responsible to earn RESPECT in the society. And that's how we believe we welcome more possibilities of growing fast not just economically but also with more knowledge and help to all at the family. The load of earning is not just supposed to be meant for men only- it simply means you have to earn and fulfill the expectations and dreams of your children, parents and partner. But what if, ..if these load is shared! It becomes easy for both -men has someone to share his load and can enjoy his dreams too...while...women can be independent and fulfill her dreams of growing up with her skills and capabilities & at side is helping her husband or father!!

So, do you really think #feminism is something we should not encourage in the life of our Mother?Sister?Partner?
Think that's time to speak for FEMINISM
Feminism is a need for Society Today and for the entire growth of Economy as a whole.