It’s not at all unknown that each individual possess mood swings and they follow Newton’s law of motion. There is equal or almost proportionate reaction to what we react to opposite person, dependably on the current mood they posses at that particular point of time. With this understanding it is obvious to all that they wanna have good mood each time but that doesn’t contribute to us each time as there are various factors which correspondingly affects our behaviour. It is for this consideration, we need to take control onto our bad mood swings and this is prior done by ourselves with self-control and self-instant realisation onto what would be its opposite reaction in near future.

Extreme mood swings make one feel low and in some case makes one get into depression or stress which indirectly affects your professional and day to day life. This walls up the building dam that desired to serve many in the society and family for the betterment of living. It is thus we as a woman need to have good mood whole time so that personal as well professional life is balanced well and our ambitions are achieved.

So, the question is WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET OUT OF IT?

  • Self-Control Control of our reactions to every situation is majorly onto our hands and at higher extent we can control them on our own. Control on our emotions and thinking in logical manner and ethical behaviour makes us get into much of our bad reactions.
  • Consumption of Caffeine Caffeine consumers experience irritability, depression, agitation and anxiety if taken into large proportionate. Lesson the consumption of caffeine from your daily routine as caffeine enables all of emotion to take charge and have negative mood swings. Drink warm or lukewarm water when you experience the need of its consumption. Have a go at swapping your normal jazzed drink for a sans caffeine option, for example, herbal tea or Bambu, our natural coffee substitute.
  • Bring on Positive vibes. Always think- “I will not allow this silent killer to affect me”
  • Water, Water and Water Dehydration causes difficulty in concentrating, headaches and other such related factors for mood swings. It is indirectly due to decreased blood flow to the brain. Neurons in the mind can identify dehrdration and after that send signs to different parts of the cerebrum that are in charge of mind-set control. So, it is more likely to experience negative mood swings and feelings such as anger, anxiety and more. Thus, our funda would be- “Water, Water and Water! I love to haved water”
  • Sleep periodically. Sleep on regular time with minimum of 7 hours of sleep so that our brain relax and oxygen gets in properly. Proportionate sleep instantly affects mood swings.
  • Listen to Liked Musics. Listening to our liked category songs everyday along with singing it loud releases all stress and reduces mood swings as it makes us happy from the heart with no force.

'Lah Lah Lah M happy by heart………… I react positively to everything!"