I always used to admire what is it that makes an individual keep calm in all situations. Especially those who are successful leaders in Industry. But, slowly I came to know it is their thoughts, that keeps them calm and patiently deal with all bad situations & circumstances.

Now, what is it that is going in their mind? How do they exactly deal? What are their considerations in mind while handling such circumstances?
"They always hold a Positive mental attitude, they take the situation as an learning opportunity and opportunity to grow, they question themselves and people around them- how and what we can do  or act to get out of this. They ignore the part how we can get rid of it. As getting rid of something is stopping yourself from growing in coming future and provide an excuse of not doing hard work. But, every Hard work pays. Either in result of Solution to problem or in result that builds your experience abd knowledge through mistakes are royalties earned. In both case, they perceive a Win-Win situation"

It is thus, we should avoid negative thinking and always choose path of being positive in all situations. This becomes a mental attitude slowly that reflects positive thinking everytime and so expecting a positive result too. 'When we think of positive result, we think on ways of how to reach to result fastly and effectively.'
How do I focus on Positive thoughts?

  • Start the day with -Positive affirmation or quotes -Subscribe to Good motivating pages on Social site (spent only 2min. to go through it) -Message one and send them a positive quote or a message that will make them happy, motivate to work hard this new day
  • Focus on good things, however small it is
  • Focus on present situation, ignore & try to forget past. Don't overthink about future too
  • Work with positive friends, family relatives, colleagues and mentors
  • Try to find humour in every situations
  • Transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk
  • Have a attitude to turn failures into success

  • ....
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Originally scripted:  Founder, Nehbelle Cosmetics


"Let's permanently save in our Mind, Positivity is Vitamin that builds Immune System and B+ Positivity is Glucose for our Body making it perfect Balanced Body"