Starting the day with, “Don’t mind Mili to come out of your dream world, this world has something new to share with you”. Each day raises with new possibilities, opportunities to conquer and meet new person that contribute to our life lessons. With the positive attitude, we have window of opportunity to have fresh mint chocolate to eat every second. Such chocolates can only be expended if we have our life protocols decided, to be followed and targets to achieve.

Day comes up rising with many new opportunities to be grabbed and an indicator that somehow indirectly indicates us at what level we are standing to conquer our dreamed position or brand value. Become a brand person with whosoever you communicate in the entire day.

Walk with the good impression in front of whatever number of personnes you come through, adding that meeting less people is valued rather than meeting hundreds of people and not communicating who you are and what actually you want to conquer. Letting others know about your dream and what they can contribute to get this at the level will provide a positive impact on the people you have communicated with also receiving friendly comments, suggestions and contribution from them. So, influence one person each day to influence 365 person in a year that can influence what, you already knows it! Start smelling your dream and position coming near to you as soon you come out with the God created dream. Think for your dream each sec and act for dream each sec, world will support to earn many of dreams making you a known person in the society.


“My dream today is to work for my dream”